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Outlook client mails missing !!!

Ok, I have a user trying to use OWA but his Inbox is empty. He only can see new mail when it arrives but once it’s read it disappears. Any ideas? If he uses his Outlook client from his desktop eveything is fine, I have seen issues the other way around where OWA is showing everything but local Outlook client emails are missing. I tried rebuilding his and enabling and disabling local cached mode just to try with no luck.
It’s happening to only one user. No POP3 and no Rules. Using Standard Edition.
ANS : This usually means that the user has selected the ‘Unread Messages’ view in the OWA toolbar.
Where to Found :
Where is the Unread Message view on the tool bar? I can not find it. I am having this exact problem.
ANS : Look above the “New” button in the toolbar in IE, next to Inbox. It should say “Messages”.

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