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UVO..powered by Microsoft…lets see

Officially called “UVO powered by Microsoft,” the system provides hands-free communication and entertainment via an in-car device with a 4.3-inch color display. It will be built into some Kia cars starting this summer with the 2011 Sorento…

UVO has a 1 gigabyte hard drive for media storage and will rip CDs straight to the device. It also has SIRUIS satellite, AM and FM radio, plus integrates with numerous smartphones and media devices like the Apple iPod. Microsoft’s speech-recognition lets users ask the device questions such as, “What’s playing?”

Kia said software updates can be delivered to the device via airwaves and the Web…

when i read the blog for this article…one user is asking about ” What happens when UVO blue screens? Does your car stop in the middle of the road?”…heeee

Good luck to the new technologies…heeee…use handsfree device while driving


January 6, 2010 - Posted by | Microsoft |

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