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Google search over SSL…cool

With Google search over SSL, you can have an end-to-end encrypted search solution between your computer and Google. This secured channel helps protect your search terms and your search results pages from being intercepted by a third party. This provides you with a more secure and private search experience. SSL helps prevent intermediary parties, such as ISPs, from knowing the exact search that you typed, they could still know which websites you visit once you click on the search results….more info click here

Link for the secured search from google

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GP, ODBC DSN & 64 Bit Systems

According to GP Installation Instruction, To set up an ODBC data source, enter the name you assigned to the SQL Server when you installed Microsoft SQL Server. A data source name called Dynamics GP also is created using SQL Native Client. If you don’t want to set up an ODBC data source, mark the Do not create a data source option.

In case, you are stranded when your ODBC DSN is not listed in GP’s Welcome Screen Server Dropdown, on a 64 Bit System, rest assured that you have not created DSN on the correct DSN Maintenance wizard.

More info…read my collegue’s (Vaidy Mohan) blog….this will help you

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Microsoft Security Essential (MSE) for all Geunine PC is very useful!!!

Microsoft security essential released recently is a big help for all the PC world with their genuine operating system. Lot of people start using it..Thanks to microsoft for releasing it so that no hassle for looking Antivirus software and then upgrade it or renew it….use it wisely and nicely…its silent and backend is strong…more info read my blog

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