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Microsoft to introduce new anti-tracking feature in IE9


IE 9 is introducing a  new anti-tracking feature to help users foil the efforts of behavioral advertisers. , called Tracking Protection List (TPL) will permit or block certain websites on the basis of preexisting lists. Users will still be able to visit them directly by clicking on a link or typing their address, but calls to them by other web pages will not be permitted. TPL builds upon the company’s existing InPrivate Filtering, but while this relies on frequency heuristics to build its ‘no go’ lists and is thus occasionally unpredictable, the new TPSs will be curated and so – hopefully – more reliable. Microsoft won’t generate the lists itself, but will instead look to third party organizations such as privacy groups or end users themselves. The lists will be an opt-in feature, and will receive regular automatic updates.

IE9 and Privacy: Introducing Tracking Protection .. Read more about this and watch the video, click here

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