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Customization – Quality vs On Time

A good blog from my colegue..I agree to that there should be customization quality, so that the upgrades/rollups are easy and the time comes after. Read more

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Dell MD3000i SAN – 2 Disk failure scenario

If you have a 2 disk failure scenario on an MD3000i iSCCI SAN storage from DELL, Do not worry, because the internal firmware of the RAID takes care, even if the Hotspare disk gets failed. Here is a typical scenario, which happened to me where, DISK 9 gets failed and at the same time HOTSPARE disk also failed. Thanks to DELL support team. You have to notice one thing that when you replace the disk, first replace the DISK 9 with the new one and the SAN rebuild the data automatically and once you get the status as “Optimal”, you then replace the HOTSPARE disk with new one.


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