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Websites under attack – Lizamoon Scareware

Scareware programme affected hundreds of thousands of websites, asked victims to download fake anti-virus software. Compromised sites were mostly small to mid-tier websites, some of which included astronomy groups, hospitals, social clubs, funeral homes and sports teams…Read more

This LizaMoon has also affected some websites related to Apple iTunes platform, but Apple iTunes is protected against these threats so there is no risk of your computer becoming infected if you use iTunes.

Microsoft has released this statement regarding the recent LizaMoon attack on computers.

“Microsoft is aware of reports of an ongoing SQL injection attack. Our investigation has determined these sites were exploited using a vulnerability in certain third-party content management systems. This is not a Microsoft vulnerability.” …read more

Security exports are categorizing  Liza Moon as a SQL injection attack in which web applications that are vulnerable are exploited in order to inject a wrong code into an affected website.

To guard against any type of attack on your computer like the one going on right now with LizaMoon, just do not download any suspect files into your computer.

Update on LizaMoon mass-injection and Q&A


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