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A Good One – Mouse Without Boarders

KVM…Past history…!!!

 Mouse Without Borders allow multiple computers to share a single keyboard and mouse. In fact you can control up to four computers from a single mouse and keyboard with no extra hardware needed – it’s all software magic, developed by Truong Do who by day is a developed for Microsoft Dynamics. Four Computers can linked using this tool. Functions like cut, paste…drag and drop..login and lock to all four machine etc….

To know more & download this here

The Garage is both a physical space in Building 4 at our Redmond HQ, and a company wide program that encourages grass roots invention, tinkering, ideas and incubation of projects. To know more about this click here

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Excellent Windows Phone 7 Development Tutorials

Here are 30+ cool Windows Phone Development articles for all developers interested in developing applications or games for the new Windows Phone 7 Platform. These tutorials covers the Windows Phone 7 Overview, the Developer and the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, How to become a developer, Setting up your system, Intro to creating Windows Phone applications and many more.

To know more, click here


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What you can do with the Windows 7 taskbar?

In Windows 7, the  taskbar has been completely redesigned to help you more easily manage and access your most important files and programs. As of Windows 7, the taskbar has been extended significantly under the guiding principle of getting users where they’re going as quickly and efficiently as possible. To that end, the application windows, files, and commands that the user needs to accomplish that are now centralized into a single taskbar button that consolidates previously scattered information sources and controls. A user can now find common tasks, recent and frequent files, alerts, progress notifications, and thumbnails for individual documents or tabs all in one place.

A small set of applications are pinned by default for new installations. Other than these, only the user can pin further applications; programmatic pinning by an application is not permitted. The Show Desktop feature from Quick Launch is now located at the taskbar’s far right. Hovering over this area causes all active windows to become transparent, showing the desktop. Clicking the area executes the familiar action of minimizing all windows and switching to the desktop.

You can just drag your web pages/programs to the task bar and the icon is created plus the menu available to that program is also na take a look at what i created for me…my facebook, twitter, linkedin and my blog page…hmm


Change how icons appear in the notification area…to know click here


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Exchange 2010 – Attachment size – Global setting (for Send & Receive)

Attachment size setting inside Exchange server 2010 for global user settings.

  • Go to your mailbox server
  • open EMC
  • goto Organization configuration
  • goto Hub Transport
  • select global setting tab

Edit the Transport settings and change the parameters as below.

Once you done it, click Apply and ok

Remember one thing, the more you increase the size of the attachment, the load on the CAS & Edge server increase…plus the Virus scanning engine too.

Thats all folks!!!

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Dell MD3000i SAN – 2 Disk failure scenario

If you have a 2 disk failure scenario on an MD3000i iSCCI SAN storage from DELL, Do not worry, because the internal firmware of the RAID takes care, even if the Hotspare disk gets failed. Here is a typical scenario, which happened to me where, DISK 9 gets failed and at the same time HOTSPARE disk also failed. Thanks to DELL support team. You have to notice one thing that when you replace the disk, first replace the DISK 9 with the new one and the SAN rebuild the data automatically and once you get the status as “Optimal”, you then replace the HOTSPARE disk with new one.


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View user mailbox size from Outlook

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Microsoft to introduce new anti-tracking feature in IE9


IE 9 is introducing a  new anti-tracking feature to help users foil the efforts of behavioral advertisers. , called Tracking Protection List (TPL) will permit or block certain websites on the basis of preexisting lists. Users will still be able to visit them directly by clicking on a link or typing their address, but calls to them by other web pages will not be permitted. TPL builds upon the company’s existing InPrivate Filtering, but while this relies on frequency heuristics to build its ‘no go’ lists and is thus occasionally unpredictable, the new TPSs will be curated and so – hopefully – more reliable. Microsoft won’t generate the lists itself, but will instead look to third party organizations such as privacy groups or end users themselves. The lists will be an opt-in feature, and will receive regular automatic updates.

IE9 and Privacy: Introducing Tracking Protection .. Read more about this and watch the video, click here

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Yahoo Mail Beta..look and feel of hotmail

Cool one..beautiful one…watch the ad ..

Look and feel…see it


Cool..isn’t it!!!

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Evernote 4 for Windows

Evernote 4 is a major departure from Evernote 3.5 in every way. While 3.5 added tons of great new features. So theydecided to start over from scratch, with fast, native C++ that we knew we could rely on. As you’ll see, the results are amazing. This new version will set a foundation for rapid improvement. It is designed to give you a great experience on any computer that you use, whether you’re on a netbook, a five year old Windows XP machine or a super fast top-of-the-line Windows 7 computer.

Here are a few of our favorite user interface improvements:

  • Space saving layout: The toolbar and menu bar are merged to take up less screen space. You can always switch to the old school layout in the Option menu.
  • More responsive interface: Switching between notes, displaying searches, bringing Evernote into the foreground, and virtually all other interactions are much faster.
  • Easier new note creation: We’ve added a New Note split button, which lets you pick the type of note you wish to create (text, ink or webcam). It will remember your selection for next time.
  • Relocated Search Bar: Note search and the search description now reside directly over the note list—a more intuitive location. You can click the small arrow to open and close the search description. Closing the description gives you more room to view your notes list, opening it makes it easy to modify your search.
  • Clearer note info: The note information panel is more crisp and clear with the title, notebook and source links right up top. Just like the search panel, you can open the note information panel to access the details. Navigating through the note info panel and tagging notes using your keyboard is fast and efficient.

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