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Sky Drive – All you need to know!!!

If you have a Windows Live account (or an old Hotmail account), then you have 25GB of free storage on SkyDrive. If you don’t have one, go and grap it. SkyDrive is a great way to store lots of files in the cloud for easy access remotely. Windows 7  and now defenetely on windows 8 will let you map your SkyDrive folders as network drives, making access even simpler.

How to map SkyDrive to your computer?

Windows 7 will let you map your SkyDrive to your local machine. How to do it? Here is the step

  • Sign in to your Windows Live account.
  • Get your ID from the address bar (Below showing how to get it)
    • Click on the “Files” as shown below

    • Look at the address bar and you will find your “CID” number just copy that number
  • Now go to your Windows 7 computer
  • Open My Computer, then select “Map network drive” near the top bar.
  • Select the drive letter you want, then type the following  under the “Folder bar”
  • \\\ and then copy your CID number here \
  • Check mark “Reconnect at logon”
  • Click Finish
  • Once you click finish, system will automatically attempt to log on to your SkyDrive.
  • Next system will show you to enter SkyDrive credential.
  • Enter the username and password and clik PK

Thats it..your SkyDrive is now mapped to your local machine.

Here you can rename the folder (If in case the language is not proper in you SkyDrive). What ever you do at the local “mapped” Skydrive, it will reflect in your SkyDrive as well.

Apps for SkyDrive?

Allmost all the device now support SkyDrive and it is free just name it..Windows, Mac, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad…Click here to download it

Read the article from Mike Torres, and Omar Shahine, group program managers for SkyDrive.





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I wish you a very Happy & Prosperous New year…2012

I wish all my readers a very happy and prosperous new year ahead. I thank you for your support and advice.


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SkyDrive from Windows Live

Skydrive – Starting from June 20, 2011, is launching a new version of the SkyDrive website. Team took advantage of modern browsers and HTML5 to make SkyDrive faster, easier to navigate, and more beautiful for viewing photos. The new SkyDrive will be rolling out soon. Click here to see what Group Program Manager,, Mr. Omar Shahine has to discuss.

New look is good


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Yahoo Mail Beta..look and feel of hotmail

Cool one..beautiful one…watch the ad ..

Look and feel…see it


Cool..isn’t it!!!

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New Hotmail look & feel …cool

I really love the new look and features…Outlook webapps is playing an important role here…Now, its  faster Hotmail experience with great new features like one-click filters, Sweep, Active Views and more..also it does’nt now sign you automatically to messenger, when you log on to mail…cool one

New look and feel

 Junk mail options are getting better..need room to improve..i’m waiting for the active sync for hotmail…or direct push service…

Hotmail on iPhone..superb…i tried..really this post

Best of luck to Hotmail Team!!!!

For your feedbacks…click here to post

Windows Live Team Blog…click here

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Outlook 2010: Information Rights Management with Windows Live ID

On Outlook 2010, Information Rights Management is a free service from Microsoft which sets specific permissions on your sent emails.If you want to restrict your email from print, copy or forward your sent emails to someone else, then all you need to do is sign up for the Information Rights Management Service..out of the box and requirement is a windows Live ID.
When you open Outlook 2010 for new email, you will see the ribbon as below on the Option tab.

If you click this one, and in your organization, if you don’t have IRMS server, below screen will appear.

This is an initial screen to setup the IRMS with windows Live Id.
Then select “I want to sign up” and click next then select “I have Windows Live ID” and  click next (those who don’t have Windows Live ID, then they have to register one)..Then enter your Live Id and password…and select this computer as Private…then click “Accept” and then click “Finish”…now you are ready to restrict your email. This is a free service from Microsoft and this service will terminate, when ever they wish to do so…Enjoy!!!
For installing IRMS in your organization, there are useful links which i want to share with you all
outlook protection rule :

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