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Stream and store content with out internet – SanDisk

SanDisk Connect let you do this

SanDisk Connect


Wireless Media Drive features

  • Share multimedia files across iPad, iPhone, Kindle or Android via Wi-Fi with SanDisk free app or web browser
  • Stream HD videos up to 5 devices simultaneously; max 8 connections when accessing other data
  • 64G built in Flash storage, streaming up to 8 hours on a single charge
  • Expandable SDHC/SDXC memory card slot for instant viewing of your camera’s card & extra storage
  • An instant on the go storage in pocket-sized & stylish design
  • Compatible with iOS 5.0 or later, Android 2.3 or later via SanDisk free app, or Wi-Fi-enabled devices with a web browser
  • Optional Wi-Fi password protection for your personal data security
  • USB 2.0 port for connection to your computer or charger;

Wireless flash drive features

  • Wirelessly store, share, stream movies, photos, music, and documents across your smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Simultaneously connect & access data stored on up to 8 devices via Wi-Fi
  • No internet connection, cables or router required, works on all Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • Up to 4 hours of video streaming on a single charge
  • Access with free app, compatible with iOS 5.0 or later, Android 2.3 or later and Kindle devices
  • Access with internet browser, compatible with all Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • Charging and accessing with USB 2.0 connection interface or higher
  • Optional Wi-Fi password protection and 128-bit AES encryption


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12/12/12 – last visible repetative calender number in this generation


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Nikon firmware update…Released

Nikon release Firmware updates for his range of camers.. Click here to know more. Select the appropriate model and click the link to download the firmware and user manual for how to update. Also you can refer to one of my collegue’s blog.

Firmware is a read only set of instructions that is embedded in a hardware device to either add or improve function. Sometimes there are two parts to a Nikon firmware update labeled A or B. Some updates will perform either A or B, and others may perform A and B. Some updates will perform both A and B at the same time, and other will only do one at a time. Please read the instructions carefully before performing the update, as firmware updates are permanent and cannot be ‘undone’ outside of the service department. Newer firmware versions will overwrite older versions and will also include all previous update changes.


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Nikon FT1 Mount Adapter for F-Mount Lenses & Nikon 1 Series Cameras

The FT-1 Mount Adapter allows you to use certain legacy F-Mount NIKKOR lenses (those designed for use with Nikon D-SLR/SLR cameras) on the Nikon 1 V1 and J1. The Mount Adapter is attached to the Nikon 1 V1/J1 and the F-Mount NIKKOR lens then attached to the adapter. The FT-1 will add an angle of view of 2.7 times that of the F-Mount NIKKOR lens’ focal length.

The primary communication between the body, FT1 and lens is electronic, through two sets of contact pins. There is also a mechanical aperture lever within the F-mount portion of the FT1, plus an internal motor to move the lever too.

Supports 65 existing F-mount NIKKOR lenses …click here to view those support lense from Nikon.

AF/AE supported with AF-S lenses only. Autofocusing is possible when AF-S lenses are used. However, focus mode must be set to AF-S (Single AF) and AF-area mode is fixed at Single-point with only the center focus point used.

When using the FT-1 and a compatible AF-S NIKKOR F-Mount lens, users can take full advantage of the Nikon 1’s high-speed continuous shooting of 10/30/60 fps. (*When an AF-S lens is used. However, focus is locked with the first shot with continuous shooting.)

To use the FT-1, the Nikon 1 J1/V1 camera’s firmware must be updated to at least version 1.10.

Here is the review from Rob Galbraith : First Look: Nikon Mount Adapter FT1 .

Review: Nikon’s J1 and V1 cameras and 1 Nikkor lenses from Rob Galbraith, click here.

Looking to purchase? Click here

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