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Microsoft GP – eXtender Opt In with e-One

In my previous blog i mentioned about discontinuing direct support of Extender from GP module. We have to contact directly with e-one. Some of the e-One dedicated partners have been left a little confused by recent message from Microsoft describing the Extender Opt in process. e-One blog clarifies clarify a few things for everyone here in this blog regarding the transition process.




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Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 mainstream support ends

Today I’ve come across the blog from David Musgrave .

Mainstream Support for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 is ending today, on the 9th October 2012. Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 now enters an Extended Support period until 10th October 2017.

Original blog post from Sarah Purdy…click here.

Microsoft Product Lifecycle for Dynamics GP, Click here


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Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client – 2013

In the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift, thanks to Mariano Gomez who has explained in his blog that this was communicated the release of Dynamics GP Web Client in phases, addressing each core application functionality.

Installing the web client also explained in the Dynamics Confessor BlogSpot by Leslie. Good article.


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Microsoft Dynamics GP – Discontinuing sales of Extender Module

Announcement from Microsoft 

Discontinuing sales of the Extender module both sales and support. Read more from Victoria Yudin’s Blog (Thanks Victoria!!!)

Extender will revert back to eOne Solutions, the original developer of Extender, starting February 1, 2013.

I wonder why this move from Microsoft?


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Microsoft Dynamics GP 12 – New Changes Planned Beyond Web Client

Excitement for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Windows 8…  a beautiful combination…eager to wait for the release

Now the good news is that Dexterity codes are valid for this GP web client…read this blog

Soon you will see the Dexterity Power shell for Microsoft Great Plains :)

Microsoft Dynamics GP team, when considering the creation of our upcoming web client user experience, looked at many technologies that would offer us an architecture for future growth, a feature set that was strong with controls and flexibility, and one that provided us a performance model that benefitted our customers.  Silverlight was a clear standout product in this research. In fact, we’ll be using Silverlight 5 features as it ships, specifically Silverlight 5 has been architected to deeply support business application development far deeper than other similar toolsets.

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Microsoft Azure – ERP on the Cloud…Slow and Steady!!!

Microsoft is moving ahead with plans to host its ERP products on Azure, but isn’t rushing users to make the jump. First, Dynamics NAV 7 (the codename of the next version of the Dynamics NAV product) will be available hosted on Windows Azure toward the end of calendar 2012. The next Microsoft ERP product to get the Azure treatment will be Dynamics GP. (Microsoft execs aren’t providing a target date at this time for the Azure-hosted GP version, though I’d think 2013 would make sense, given the cadence of the Dynamics ERP products).


In the cloud or on-premises—choose the deployment model that’s right for you…More info Click here

Microsoft CRM is already taking a turn in here to know more and its a matter of time to rollout this service to our region!!!

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User Access Setup Error: GPS Error RevokeUserAudit: 58

The error message from the time you upgraded to GP2010 R2. The error message is thrown when admin revoke access to a user on a company…read more on Vaidy’s blog

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How to secure a Word Template in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 when using Word 2010 and 2007

The Dynamics Support team is publishing a series of helpful videos. Video that covering  “How to secure a Word Template in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 when using Word 2010 and 2007″, is now available at the Microsoft Dynamics Community Team Blog as well as the Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog.


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Great Plains 10.0 and Great Plains 2010 – Analytical Accounting – Information about Check Links

If you are using AA, it is encouraged to be on the latest service pack so you have all the recent fixes. (A number of quality issues found in AA were fixed in SP4 and SP5 for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0, and RTM and SP1 for GP 2010.) .

More information from Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog, -  Click here

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Elcome International – Productivity goes up using latest Microsoft Technology

As a system integrator, My company, Elcome is well aware of the technologies available to make our clients lives easier…The deployment of Microsoft Dynamics has also had a major impact on the company’s ability to operate. “One big area that we’ve been able to focus on is reporting, in terms of KPIs and business intelligence. There have been a lot of advances in Dynamics and the supporting tools to make it easier to produce different types of reports, and the ability to allow end users to customise, specifically things like SQL reporting services that are part of SQL 2008. We were using an old version of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Two versions old in fact,” we realises. “When we upgraded to the latest version – and I think we were one of their first customers to go live with the latest version which is Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 – we also moved to the latest versions of all the underlying technology. That includes the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server 2010. We’ve also moved from 32-bit to 64-bit servers. Everything is now running on 64bit hardware and software.” – explains executive director at Elcome International, Jimmy Grewal…more information read the following article published by ITP publishers on ACN Magazine By Ben Furfie Published May 10, 2011, May 2011 here to read more

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