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Online energy monitoring – Pulse Controller

Now i’m able to veiw our entire office power consumption and my data centre power consumption. The beauty is that..this gives me zone wise details 24/7…. What a beauty!!!

Implementation cost : Less

Above shows the cost in AED/Dirhams and the consumption of 3Phase line in details…what an ease of monitoring.

This is the controller that does the magic.

More Info…click here

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pulse. getting better and better

In my previous post(pulse living…an efficient energy solution company, and Home automation – Pulse living ), i was described this product, and now, to me…this looks like a mature and cost effective/affordable solution to every home owner/hotels. They have come up with even much better solutions, which integrates to our day-to-day devices, such as iPhone, iPads apps…etc. You can control your home from anywhere in the world…a real intelligent solution makes your home “an intelligent living”.

Pulse.control is built to the highest technical specifications and leverages the latest technologies as well as industry standards for building automation and networking. The versatile Intel IXP42x Network Processor enables us to deliver a massively scaleable solution while keeping energy consumption and heat dissipation to a minimum. Flash storage increases reliability and performance.  The Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 5.0 operating system can be managed and updated remotely. A range of connectivity options provides flexibility for even the most complex integration projects.

Pulse products are based on International standards for building and home automation such as KNX/EIB and Z-Wave. These standardized multi-vendor protocols cover the gamut of residential, hospitality, and commercial automation requirements including lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, security and safety, window treatments, pool and spa, access and intercom, and metering. To more about the pulse standards click here

The beauty is that is a cost effective solution…with the architecture design which pulse can accomodate, within each home, the acts as the brain of the home, connecting all systems via protocols such as KNX/EIB, Z-Wave, RS232, or TCP/IP. It can then be connected to any number of Pulse.touch screens via Ethernet or WiFi.

To know more about pulse solution, Click here

To know more about pulse products, Click here


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Pulse living…an efficient energy solution company

PulseAGAIN CAME TO THE LIMELIGHT…..Technology creates buildings that are safe, intelligent, comfortable, and efficient: Living Buildings…Products designed and manufactured in the UAE by Pulse, an efficient energy solution company, which is attracting much national and international attention at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi..more information about this here

“When we set up the company in Dubai in 2005, we wanted to focus on smart house solutions, but then we realised that we don’t just need to create more comfortable homes, but more energy efficient ones too,” Jimmy Grewal, co-founder and CEO of Pulse told Khaleej Times….more news Click here

Prices for a basic home kit is $500, which includes the smart thermostat metre, a water heater controller and a digital monitor display, all designed and produced by Pulse. “Coming up with a wireless metre was quite a challenge,” admitted Grewal. Indeed, this is not your ordinary metre controller, as it can be accessed not just by touch-screen or from remote control, but through the internet as well….THE DEFENITION OF SMART HOME IS RIGHT HERE WITH PULSE….WHAOOO

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Masdar City – First carbon-neutral zero waste city in Abudhabi

Masdar City is the world’s first carbon-neutral zero waste city and is head- quarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)… Abu Dhabi, 10 years from now, if all goes according to plan, a city of 6 square kilometers housing 50,000 people will rise in the United Arab Emirates and it will be carbon neutral.  The project, called Masdar City, will burn no gas or oil, so its contribution to greenhouse gases will be minimal. Masdar is the centerpiece of emirate Abu Dhabi’s plans to get into the renewable energy market, a hedge against the day its oil wells run dry.

Proto Type car for the cars would run under the city like a subway system. But McGuigan says the cars wouldn’t run on fixed routes. Basically, they’dl take you anywhere you wanted to go.

 …..80 percent of water will be recycled….the first city where waste is converted to energy and reduced to zero….The plan is to build Masdar City in record time. The first buildings are scheduled to be up by the end of next summer….Will wait for that day

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World Future Energy Summit finished in Abu Dhabi

Green economic climate looks good….Though the Summit itself lasted four days  (January 18th – 21st) the entire week surrounding it was dubbed Future Energy Week and concluded with a meeting of the United Nations’ Advisory Group on Energy and Climate Change, an initiative of UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon. The World Future Energy Summit has, this year, attracted more political engagement than ever before with more than 100 government delegations attending.  The strong numbers are clear testament to the continued momentum that is building around renewable energy.

The WFES concluded on a high spirit of brightening up the hopes of a better outcome at the ensuing global climate change talks in Mexico, in contrast with results of the Copenhagen Summit. – Courtsey Khaleej Times

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